HydraFacial is a treatment method that is used to treat acne, ageing signs such as wrinkles and many other skin problems. The device used in the HydraFacial treatment works with the vacuum method and deeply cleans the skin. HydraFacial is a completely painless treatment. This is because it does not include injection or other methods that usually cause patients pain.

By using the improved and patented vortex technology, HydraFacial ensures the regeneration of the skin without damaging the skin. It is an application that is often used by people who want to have brighter, healthier, more attractive and smoother skin. HydraFacial method combines deep skin cleaning, peeling, rejuvenation and moisturizing processes. By doing so it presents a great opportunity for people who want to get rid of skin their problems and also for people who want to maintain the state of their skin. 

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The vacuum vortex head, which provides cleaning down to the deepest layer of the skin, peels the skin at a microscopic level and purifies it from all dead cells, excess oil and blackheads that accumulate and cause closure of the pores. Wrinkles, scratches, acne and many other skin problems such as colour variations and stains can be treated with Hydrafacial. There are different kind of serums for each skin kind and problem. Serums containing antioxidant, hyaluronic acid and protein are applied under the skin. These serums make the skin look lively, vibrant, smooth and soft. 

Hydrafacial Application Process

Before the treatment begins, the skin is cleaned and relaxed with the help of a special cleansing solution. The skin surface and pores get softened with the help of this solution and lymphatic drainage massage. Then the skin is cleaned using the vacuum vortex head. That is the first part of the treatment. 

In the second part, the selected solution is applied to the skin. This solution has a crucial role in the process as what is inside the solution determines what kind of end result will be achieved. The solution applied is then fed to the skin to ensure all areas are covered. The solution used during this procedure contains hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and more. These substances activate collagen production. They also provide moisturizing. These processes all help the skin to regenerate. Last but not least, LED therapy is applied. This process tightens the pores and ensures that they remain protected for a long time. The HydraFacial treatment, which can be applied to people of all age groups and all skin types, minimizes the external effects that the skin is exposed to during seasonal transitions and preserves the moisture balance of the skin.

The Benefits of HydraFacial Treatment

How Does HydraFacial Affect The Skin?

There are a lot of factors that might cause the pores to close which is the main cause for many skin problems. These factors can be environmental, such as air and water pollution. They can be faulty applications of cosmetic products. As the pores close, the skin cannot breathe or moisturize itself anymore. Additionally, dead cells accumulate and make the skin look old and wrinkled. With the HydraFacial method, all of these problems are eliminated in less than an hour. 

 After the cleaning process, in which the existing problems are eliminated while cleaning the skin deeply, dead skin and cells are aspirated with a vacuum nozzle. Then, serums that nourish the skin are pumped beneath the skin. After the cleaning and care process,  different LED types used according to what kind of problems the skin has. By doing so, the overall state of the skin improves and it ensures that the state of the skin can be preserved for a long time.

If necessary, peeling can also be applied. Thanks to the method, which can be safely applied to sensitive, dried and worn skin types, the tissues are not damaged. It offers comfortable, beautiful and lively looking skin without irritating the skin or leaving any marks. Skin wrinkles and spots, enlarged pores, acne and black spots, skin wrinkles and problems specific to oily skin are eliminated with the HydraFacial application. In a single session, the following procedures can be applied to people of all ages and skin types in less than 30 minutes.

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Contents of Some Serums and Solutions Used in HydraFacial

There are a lot of different serums and solutions that are used in HydraFacial treatment. Serums selected to be used in the treatment determines the overall price. Let’s take a look at some of these serums and what they do:

It is one of the anti-wrinkle serums containing peptides and is often preferred in the application. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and gives the skin elasticity. With the home follow-up product, DermaBuilder Daily, you can support skin protection and longer-lasting results after the HydraFacial application.

Acid peeling solution, which provides an illuminating effect with its silicic acid content, is a versatile product with very positive effects on oily skin and clogged pores. Honey extract, salicylic acid and meadow melon flower extract are the other active ingredients that make up the content of this serum. When Beta-HD Daily is used as daily follow-up care after application, oily skin problems are significantly eliminated.

This serum is used in the deep moisturizing phase of the HydraFacial treatment. In addition to vitamins A and E, it can continue to protect the skin from environmental effects for a long time after the application, thanks to its powerful formula obtained by combining the ingredients of white tea extract, horse chestnut extract, rosemary extract with hyaluronic acid.

The peeling solution containing 7.5 per cent glycolic acid and 2 per cent salicylic acid is used to purify the skin from dead cells and open the pores. It provides regeneration and cleansing of the skin with a gentle peeling.

Used for deep skin cleaning; It is a solution containing glucosamine, lactic acid and algae extract that revitalizes and clarifies the skin while cleansing. It helps to eliminate fine lines by gently exfoliating the skin with its glucosamine content.

Antiox, an antioxidant solution based on peptides and hyaluronic acid, which is used in the intensive moisturizing phase and preferred in processes to reduce the appearance of fine lines, helps the skin to gain flexibility while moisturizing it. In addition to its herbal content such as horse chestnut, arnica flower extract, green tea extract, it contains copper, magnesium and zinc.

Should the HydraFacial Treatment Be Repeated?

In therapeutic applications, 4 to 6 sessions are applied at one-week intervals. In cosmetic applications, it is recommended to be repeated once a month to maintain the ideal appearance. Thus, your skin looks clean, shiny, healthy and vibrant every day of the year. 

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What To Look Out For After HydraFacial?

After the application of HydraFacial, the one thing to look out for is not to wash the face for a day after the procedure. However, while one can apply make-up if they wish, it is not recommended as the skin will be a little more sensitive than usual for a couple of hours after the treatment. It is also recommended you protect yourself from direct sunlight for a few hours after the treatment.

To summarize, with the HydraFacial application:

In conclusion, Hydrafacial is a great way to treat skin problems while also making sure that the skin maintains its liveliness for a long time. And it is not only for treating skin problems, it also a great way to prevent the skin from developing such problems. It is an award-winning application that can be considered the most sensitive among skincare applications and the safest since it can be adjusted according to skin type.

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