Mesotherapy is a treatment method that uses injection. Various substances such as mineral, vitamin, and amino acid mixtures necessary for hair are injected into the scalp. This treatment allows the elements that nourish and feed the hair follicles to easily settle. This treatment is great for treating hair loss. It can also thicken the thinning hair and make the hair look livelier and shinier.

Not a lot of women are satisfied with their hair. These days, our hair is heavily polluted by the environment which itself is also polluted, especially air and water. Frequent stress, not getting enough sleep, ageing, and a lot of other factors contribute to this as well. All this, of course, greatly affects natural beauty and the hair’s condition.

Among all the areas that are affected by changes in our body, hair is one of the quickest ones to get affected. It is much easier to prevent hair problems than to deal with the current consequences, but few people resort to preventive measures. But if the health and condition of the hair decline noticeably, if hair loss increases, that is when people wake up and see that they should have done something. Mesotherapy for hair is the treatment you want if you want to prevent these problems. However, it can also be used to solve these problems.

How Is Mesotherapy For Hair Applied?

Mesotherapy for hair is the injection of these components to the head: Minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other substances related to the keratin layer of the hair. For both the hair and the scalp, mesotherapy is a potent and practical treatment.

Mesotherapy for hair can do so many things for your overall health and the look of the hair. It can wake up sleeping bulbs. It supplies nourishing minerals and vitamins to the hair. And it gets rid of dandruff. By using very fine needles, mesotherapy can easily inject the medication into the scalp. These nourishing elements are crucial for healthy hair growth. A medical expert or specialist will determine what kind of combination of these components your hair needs. This treatment can be a little expensive depending on your budget, but it is totally worth the money.

What Does Mesotherapy For Hair Really Do?


Mesotherapy hydrates the skin and the hair. It makes styling and combing the hair a lot easier by making the hair smooth and silky. It also increases the density of the hair. But how does it know what the hair needs? A meso cocktail is mixed for each individual. These cocktails can contain different kinds of minerals and vitamins depending on the problem that your hair has. By mixing each of these cocktails individually for each patient, we maximize the effect of the treatment. 

After the mix is injected into the scalp, the bulbs that were sleeping start to wake up. They are filled with life and can do their job properly again. As a result of this several improvements on the hair can be seen. These improvements are as follows:

The Substances Used in The Mesotherapy For Hair Treatment

As it has been noted, there are several different substances in each meso cocktail. The number of active components that can be mixed in one dose is a minimum of 2. This number can go up to 6. Vitamin B is a very commonly used substance in these cocktails. This is because it helps natural reactions that happen in our body to be faster. Vitamin B is also effective in the growth and restoration of the hair. In addition, here are some of the substances that are used in mesotherapy: 

What does Mesotherapy for Hair Treatment Include?

Currently, specialists offer patients a wide variety of methods for treating hair. There are two different types of mesotherapy.

The first one is homoeopathic, which means it helps the hair heal itself. This form of treatment is designed to have an effect that will last a long time, so the result may not be noticeable right after the treatment. In homoeopathic mesotherapy, plant-based components are combined with a water-based solution. There is no usage of oils and chemical components. This composition helps the bulbs to awaken and start the repair and healing process.

The second one is allopathic, which means it has the ability to heal. In this form of treatment, the effect can be noticed right after treatment, but its effects do not last as long as homoeopathic treatment. It contains vitamins, minerals, elastin, collagen, vasodilators and other active ingredients. A thorough examination of the hair and scalp needs to be done first to determine which form of treatment is going to be used. Communication with the patient about the problems that concern them is also very important. After this, the expert determines the more suitable form of treatment.

Types of Application in Mesotherapy for Hair

Mesotherapy is the application of active substances using various instruments. Each method has a possible pain threshold and duration of administration and although minor, possible side effects.

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Specially designed syringes are required for most mesotherapy treatments. These syringes have a very fine needle and require an expert to do the operation. When compared to other methods, injections are the least painful.

Hair Mesotherapy gun, meso injector or meso roller are among other methods used to apply mesotherapy. You should not try to apply mesotherapy at home. Injections are made only by private specialists working in clinical institutions. The cost is affected by the chosen active component, the prices set in the clinic and the qualifications of the specialist. The duration of mesotherapy is usually no more than 30 minutes. 

Is There Pain During the Procedure?

The short answer is it depends, but yes. Mesotherapy can be a painful treatment. This is mostly because the back of the head and the area around the ears are the most sensitive areas for injections. But some patients say that they do not feel a lot of pain during the treatment while some say that they do. How much pain is felt more or less depends on the patient’s pain threshold.

Advantages of Mesotherapy for Hair

The main advantage of the procedure is that, with the help of injections, it helps to deliver useful components to the hair follicles. No shampoo, hair mask or balm can provide you with this benefit. But the advantages do not end there:

What To Look Out For After Mesotherapy

After the treatment, some minor wounds caused by the injections may remain. It is important to take care of these wounds by looking out for a few things. The things you should be careful about are as follows:

• Do not wash your hair for at least 3 days. Also, refrain from the use of products such as shampoo. For 3 to 4 days you will have to endure dirty hair. Water and shampoos can negatively affect the outcome of the treatment. Thus delaying the healing process. 

• Do not expose your hair to sunlight for at least 3 days. You can use an umbrella or a hat to protect yourself from sunlight.

• Do not use the sauna or pools for at least 7 days. And do not take a shower, even if you do not wash your head, for at least 10 hours after the treatment. Injection sites should be thoroughly dry during that time.

• Do not consume alcohol during the treatment period.

In conclusion, mesotherapy is an excellent method to improve the condition of the hair and gives the hair a healthy appearance. However, the procedure must be done by a trained expert. Only then the desired result will be achieved.

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