We all complain about not having enough energy during the day. We also complain about not getting a good night’s sleep or not being able to remember things that we are supposed to remember. And I am sure we all probably dealt with brain fog, not having a clear mind, at some point in our lives. Some people even experience it every single day. Jet lag, hangovers, lack of focus are some other problems we experience daily. 

Now, what if I told you that all of these worries, troubles and obstacles that we try to overcome each day, are connected and that you can easily solve these problems by taking a safe and effective supplement? The answer to that question is not “That is impossible.” The answer is NADH Drip. First let’s take a look at what NADH Drip is, and more importantly how it can be the key to longevity.

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What is NADH Drip?

NADH is a coenzyme, it is short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Hydrate. NADH is found in all living cells. From our bones to our muscles, from rhinos to mussels, it is everywhere. It is found naturally in our body and is produced when NAD+ gains a hydrogen molecule and 2 electrons. It has several essential roles in our metabolism. It is also one of the most important elements in energy production. 

ATP, the energy currency of the cell, is produced with oxygen, glucose and NADH. Just like how we cannot stay alive for long without food or oxygen, cells cannot either. Without NADH there is no energy production. However, our body only has a limited amount of NAD+, which is required to produce NADH. These two coenzymes are constantly involved in redox reactions. 

Redox reactions mean, reducing and oxidizing which is trading electrons. This reaction allows the cell to generate energy. Without enough NADH in the cell, the process cannot happen and therefore the cell cannot function properly. Which leads to the body not having enough energy to do even the most basic tasks. It can also lead to not being able to think clearly as our brain uses 20 per cent of the total energy produced in our body.

NADH Drip is a supplement to help the body generate more energy. As we age our NAD+ levels decline. As a result of that, the body cannot function properly since it cannot produce enough NADH which is required to generate energy. Or in some cases, the production of NADH is not enough because of other reasons. By using NADH Drip, you will instantly see an improvement in your energy levels. But generating energy is not the only thing that NADH does. 

Health Benefits of NADH Drip

We talked about how NADH is the solution to longevity. But what exactly does it do? Boosting your energy levels is only of them. 

A lot of users have claimed that after taking NADH Drip, they got their sleep schedule back on track. And it is true, as our energy levels are optimized, the body can rest properly throughout the night. So say goodbye to not being able to sleep or waking up tired after sleeping for eight hours.

It does make you sleep better and that is already good enough, but it also helps you remember things. Whether it is for work, school or our daily lives, we all forget about some important things sometimes. With NADH Drip you do not have to worry about that anymore. 

Like a lot of also users claimed, taking NADH can help you get a clear mind. When you have brain fog, your thinking gets sluggish and fuzzy. With NADH Drip, you can get rid of that and make your decisions with a better, healthier mind.

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By generating more energy and speeding up the metabolism, NADH Drip improves your athletic performance. Athletes from different sports use the NADH Drip to run faster, jump higher and lift heavier. Some users claim that it also helps with sore muscles after exercise.

You might have a great memory and a very clear mind, but if you do not have focus you might not get a lot of work done. NADH helps you focus your mind on whatever you are working on. No more getting distracted by your cat when you are trying to deliver a project. And no more getting distracted by puddings or apple crumbles right after a workout session. By improving your concentration, NADH helps you achieve your goals faster and better.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the disorder of feeling constantly tired even after getting enough rest. There also might be no underlying diseases which makes curing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome much harder. NADH Drip, as it helps the body generate energy, can help you feel more active during the day. 

Although there are some contradictory studies regarding this matter, NADH can still help to improve the lives of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. A supporting study says that NADH can help Parkinson’s patients by boosting endogenous dopamine production. Additionally, in a 6 month clinical trial in Alzheimer’s patients, the group who took 10mg of NADH daily scored significantly higher on the Mattis Dementia Rating Scale (MDRS) than the group who only received the placebo supplements.

Besides all these benefits, NADH can also help with other problems such as:

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Why NADH Drip?

NADH is also found in some foods such as red meat, white meat and fish. However, NADH that we have taken through nutrition is quickly broken down in the acidic environment of the stomach. It loses its stability quickly and loses its effectiveness before reaching the intestines, which is the place of absorption. More so, it is also affected by the reactions that occur during the metabolism of nutrients. Thus, very little of the NADH we take in through diet becomes usable. Therefore, by using NADH Drip you are boosting your NADH levels far more than any food can do.

NADH is A Great Antioxidant

Oxidation happens all around us almost all the time. When a metal like iron gets oxidized it forms iron dioxide. Which is what most people know as rust. Our bodies are not that much different from iron regarding this matter. We need oxygen to survive but oxygen also makes things rancid or rusty when it touches them.

To battle oxidation, the cell needs an antioxidant with strong reducing power. Reducing is the opposite of oxidation. NADH, out of all the biological molecules of a cell, has the highest reduction potential. The most fierce enemy of antioxidants is radicals. Radicals are molecules that are extremely reactive. They attack the cells and can damage almost all components of a cell. They can change the structure of cell by piercing the membrane. The cell dies after losing precious molecules, acids, proteins and so on. 

According to the research done by Micheal Kirsch and Herbert De Groot, NADH has never been considered to be a directly operating antioxidant. Directly operating antioxidants scavenge for radicals that attack, oxidize and harm the cells. They can also repair radicals that are biomolecule derived. In this research, M. Kirsch talks about how NADH can potentially be one of the strongest directly operating antioxidants.

These radicals can also attack DNA and proteins. By doing so they damage the enzymes that are used in essential metabolic reactions. Pollution, x-rays, UV light, alcohol, antibiotics are among the causes of radicals. Thankfully we have a defence system called antioxidants that can destroy the radicals. However, when the body is exposed to too many things that can cause radicals, the antioxidants in our body can be insufficient. 

And in this day and age, where everything is polluted and almost all the food we eat go through some heavy processing, there is no doubt that the numbers of radicals we have in our bodies are much higher than of our ancestors. That is why it is almost a necessity to supply our body with enough amounts of antioxidants. By being one of the best antioxidants, NADH Drip will help you achieve longevity.

Are There Any Side Effects?

NADH Drip is safe for most people to use when it is used appropriately. Going over the recommended dose, 10mg, is not advised without consulting your physician or medical expert.

In conclusion, NADH Drip is a great supplement to make every day, “your” day. If you want to achieve excellence in sports, work or academic life NADH Drip is here to help you get the best results. Additionally NADH Drip will help you achieve longevity. It will assist you in your long and happy journey while also providing you with enough energy to do whatever you want to do. It is not hard to both be successful and happy anymore.

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