Oxygen is one of the most important elements that every cell in our body needs to function. Our energy production, our ability to speak, move, feel and think all rely on oxygen. Ozone is a colourless gas and is a form of oxygen. It is made up of three oxygen atoms and it protects the earth from UV radiation. It has a lot of health benefits as it can restore the body’s oxygen levels. Lack of oxygen in the bloodstream can lead to many problems such as headache, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, dizziness and so on. Ozone is administered into the body using the veins through a process called autohemotherapy. As it gets into the bloodstream it causes a lot of positive changes to happen. These changes are mostly healing and rejuvenating. It also helps the immune system to get activated and has a detoxifying effect.

The Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

Since ozone is a very active and energetic molecule, it begins to act quickly after it is applied to our body. The effects of ozone in our body take place mostly thanks to the increase in the oxygen level. In addition, Ozone has very positive effects on our metabolism by affecting many chemical reactions in our body.

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Ozone therapy activates the citric acid cycle as it increases the amount of oxygen at the cellular level. These chemical events, also called the Krebs cycle or the TCA cycle, take place in the mitochondria of the cell. With this process, energy is obtained by burning the glucose that comes from the food that we eat.

Thanks to ozone therapy, since the Krebs cycle now works more actively, the glucose entering our body is burned in greater amounts and more energy is obtained. Additionally, it is ensured that the extra calories can be burned as well. Because of this, diseases such as diabetes, which develop due to the accumulation of glucose in the body, are prevented.

Ozone therapy stimulates the formation of new capillaries. In cases with vascular occlusion, necrosis begins to occur due to the decrease in oxygen that reaches the tissues, and as a result, severe pain occurs.

 Thanks to ozone therapy, the blood supply of the tissues are re-established and the loss of tissues is prevented, the resulting pain disappears and the tissues continue to perform their original functions. Especially in cases where blood supply and tissue nutrition decrease, such as diabetic foot, Buerger’s disease, Raynaud’s disease, ozone therapy is an effective treatment option.

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Ozone therapy can get rid of the effects that ageing has on the body. It is also great at preventing the body from showing signs of ageing before they can even appear. As we age, the production of collagen decrease. Wrinkles start to appear and our skin feels less smooth. With ozone therapy, the oxygen in the bloodstream increases. So the circulation is improved and cellular metabolism gets activated. This leads to multiple reactions to happen and can help the body restore the skin to its original state. 

With ozone therapy, the formation of insulin resistance is prevented, and the existing insulin resistance is eliminated. Insulin is a hormone secreted from the pancreas that allows blood sugar to be taken into the tissues. If insulin resistance has occurred in our tissues, it becomes difficult to absorb, use and burn sugar in the tissues.

The accumulation of glucose that is not used and cannot be converted into energy leads to the release of more insulin from the pancreas. The excessive secretion of insulin causes the feeling of hunger, eating more and snacking, causing our body to enter a vicious cycle. Thus, the insulin reserve in the pancreas decreases and the excess amount of insulin circulating in our blood prepare a suitable environment for the formation of chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis, which can be fatal. Ozone therapy eliminates insulin resistance and prevents Type 2 diabetes and obesity from happening.

With the disappearance of insulin resistance with ozone therapy, the amount of sugar in the blood decreases and insulin levels return to normal. Of course, in addition to ozone therapy, the patient’s healthy diet and regular exercise will be much more effective in eliminating insulin resistance altogether.

Ozone therapy kills most bacteria, even at very low ozone concentrations. The metabolism of bacterial cells is much slower than the metabolism of human cells. For this reason, bacteria that encounter ozone cannot rapidly produce antioxidant enzymes. In addition, the resistance of the bacterial cell wall to ozone is much lower than that of the human cell. Thus, while the bacterial cells are destroyed with low doses of ozone therapy, we benefit from the beneficial effects of ozone without harming our cells.

 Ozone therapy is also effective against many fungal and yeast infections. Thanks to ozone therapy, the cell walls of yeast and fungi are destroyed and infections are prevented. Systemic candida infection, athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection between the toes and nails, are easily destroyed by ozone therapy.

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Ozone is the most effective antiviral found in nature. With ozone therapy, the reproductive structures of the virus and the protein envelope structures are directly attacked. As these structures get destroyed by ozone therapy, viruses are prevented from entering the human cells and cannot multiply. In addition, human cells that were previously exposed to the virus can no longer defend themselves against the antioxidant effect of ozone like other cells. Therefore the virus-infected cells are destroyed and infection is prevented.

Ozone therapy is also anti-cancer. As it is known, cancer cells multiply much faster than other cells and their metabolism is much faster than normal cells. Therefore, cancer cells are much more sensitive to ozone therapy than other cells. With ozone therapy, cancer cells are prevented from forming if they are still at the earlier stages. If they are already formed, their progress is prevented. The effect of ozone therapy on cancer cells is more evident at the stage of formation. Therefore, it will be more effective to use ozone therapy as a preventative treatment for cancer.

Of course, it is necessary to apply ozone therapy for a long time for these effects to occur. Otherwise, no one can claim to apply a few sessions of ozone therapy and eliminate one of the most important problems of our century. In addition, the fight against cancer should not be left to ozone therapy alone. Because there are many effective methods against cancer besides ozone therapy.

It would be appropriate to use ozone therapy and other cancer treatment methods and determine the most effective therapy strategy according to the patient’s situation. In addition, ozone therapy provides benefits in many ways before and after chemotherapy in patients receiving chemotherapy. Since the oxygenation of body cells has increased and the immune system is in a stronger condition thanks to ozone therapy in patients who started to receive ozone therapy shortly before chemotherapy and continued during chemotherapy therapy; hair loss, nausea and vomiting are much less common, and patients feel much more energetic than patients who do not receive ozone therapy.

With ozone therapy, the production of white blood cells is stimulated. White blood cells are the cells responsible for the basic defence mechanism of our body. They protect our body from bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells that have begun to form and ensure that our immune system functions normally. 

In cases where oxygen is insufficient, white blood cells become unable to perform their functions. They become unable to fight the factors they encounter from the outside, and if this situation lasts even longer, they may perceive our body’s own cells as foreign and attack them.

This is the root cause of allergic reactions that we see very often. With the effect of ozone therapy, the function of white blood cells returns to normal and the production of white blood cells is stimulated to ensure more regular functioning of our immune system. Moreover, with ozone therapy, white blood cells are prevented from recognizing our own cells as foreign and attacking our own cells, and autoimmune diseases are prevented.

Ozone therapy also gets rid of the toxins accumulated in the body and chemical substances attached to petroleum products. Chemical substances found in many products, from pesticides obtained from petroleum and its by-products to plastic bottles, can accumulate in our body and create a great burden on many organs and tissues, especially on the immune system. This can worsen allergies or even be the cause of allergies alone. These foreign chemicals and toxic substances accumulated with ozone therapy are destroyed and our body gets rid of these loads.

The Ozone Therapy Process

Ozone is injected into the bloodstream using a method called autohemotherapy. The whole process takes about an hour to be completed. A cannula is inserted in the vein and 200ml of blood is extracted. This blood is then infused with ozone and gets reinjected back into the bloodstream. This process may be repeated a few times depending on the patient. 

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