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Infrashape is the latest generation of body shaping devices backed by research. The bicycle is inside of a capsule that closes from the waist
down. This allows your lower body to get hot and sweaty, maximising the calories burnt and offering a range of skin benefits. All while allowing your head and arms to remain outside of the capsule creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. A modern design the incorporates several innovative technologies: touch screen, luxury leather, vacuum massage, infrared, collagen lamps, light and aromatherapy accessories.


This specialised closed capsule creates an increase in temperature. This can cause the body to perspire more in order to maintain homeostasis which leads to and increased in metabolism, burning more calories at a faster rate. The infrared light penetrates the upper layers of the skin, creating a warming affect the reaches the deep tissue. This helps to eliminate cellulite, wrinkles and can improve skin health.

  • Weight-loss
  • Stimulate lymphatic system
  • Physical conditioning
  • Injury recovery
  • Skin health
  • Tone legs
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Not time consuming

How long does the treatment last?

30 minutes

Can anyone at different fitness levels use the machine?

The machine is easy to use and anyone can use it. The resistance can be adjusted to increase work load if desired.

How often?

We recommend using the machine 3 times per week for the best results. It is safe to use daily.

How long until results can be seen?

After at least 3-4 results may vary.


30 mins

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