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Using a combination of HydraFacial and Softmesotherapy, the Radiance Boost treatment deeply exfoliates and hydrates the skin using vortex technology. It then infuses Swiss apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid and growth factors into the deeper layer of the skin using a special current, followed by LED Light therapy to stimulate the skin and boost dermal cells activity. There are no needles involved and no down time, leaving the skin plump, hydrated, glowing and lines appearing smoother.



The Radiance Boost treatment generates immediate and long-lasting results and it is an ideal treatment for any skin type with the following benefits:

  • Deeply cleansing and exfoliating
  • Long lasting hydration
  • Immediate radiant results
  • Tailored treatments to suit all skin types and concerns
  • Slows down the natural skin ageing process and nourishes the skin
  • Improve skin tone and texture


The skin is our bodys largest organ and it provides a protective outer covering to the underlying organs and serves as a crucial protective barrier against infection.

Skin ageing is a complex process influenced by hereditary and environmental factors. Recent studies have revealed that up to 60% of the skin ageing variation can be attributed to genetic factors and different skin types age in different ways. However, environmental factors such as pollution and sun exposure and also lifestyle factors including smoking, stress and a poor diet, all have a major contribution to premature ageing.

As we get older, collagen synthesis decreases, resulting in reduced skin firmness; skin becomes drier; pigmentation becomes more pronounced; levels of hyaluronic acid deplete, leaving the skin look less plump; facial fat pads and other tissue lose volume; bone resorption and gravity lead to the face sagging and changing its shape and contour.

Understanding the causes of premature skin ageing is crucial. It can not only help us to prevent further damage, but also to address and correct existing problems so that we can age better. Gradual improvements and preventative measures will allow you to choose the way your skin ages and as we say prevention is always better than cure.


Your specialist will firstly carry out a consultation with you to find out your skin concerns and goals. The diagnosis of the skin will determine a personalised protocol. Your skin is then thoroughly cleansed to remove any make-up or impurities from the surface of the skin.

Lymphatic drainage massage is the first step to detoxify the skin prior to the deep cleansing vortex to remove dead skin and blackheads. A gentle chemical peel is applied to exfoliate, boost radiance, smooth lines and wrinkles and reduce congested pores followed by extractions.

A cocktail of ingredients will be applied to the skin and infused using a galvanic and alternative current followed by cryotherapy to lock in the active ingredients into the skin. To complete your treatment your skin is rejuvenated and stimulated with LED light.

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