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(Re)create Yourself Workshop

Taking the time to look after your emotional and physical well-being is essential to us all if we want to reach our full personal and professional potential. Ensuring we have time to truly look after ourselves is imperative if we are to perform to the best of our abilities in all areas of life. You will be guided through emotional blockages and learn to express a deeper and more authentic version of yourself. Full of insight, Dorota shows how we can dispel overthinking and release feelings of guilt and shame, all of which contribute to our sense of not being enough. 

Learn how to:

  • Use simple, daily techniques to centre yourself and keep your mind and body calm
  • Recognise signs that you need to prioritise your well-being, and how to manage that process
  • Implement healthy habits to reach your happiest self


(Re)Create Yourself Workshop

The workshop helps you discover and eliminate your hidden beliefs, self-limiting perceptions and self-sabotaging programs to allow you to see yourself from different perspectives and change your experience of reality. You will be guided through emotional blockages, learn to express a deeper and more authentic version of yourself, and discover and remove the masks that are keeping you hidden from the world – and stop you from fully loving yourself and others. You will emerge from this experience more deeply connected to your feelings and felt sense of who you are. You will be invited to unlearn, unravel, and unframe the ideas, thoughtforms and beliefs you have accepted about who you are and what life is to decide for yourself whether to create yourself anew. You will be encouraged to become undefined and strip yourself back to the basis and beauty of who you are. The workshop is designed to deepen your experience and understanding of how your mind, thoughts, energy, and intentions combine to create the experience of your lives. You will be invited to step beyond the edges of your known experience of yourself into the unknown, creating the new. This workshop focuses on unburdening and empowering you through behavioural innovations.

(Re)Create Yourself Workshop demonstrates how our minds, energies & consciousness are creating all of the experiences in our lives, and by applying specific tools and methodologies to the way we think, speak, and feel, we can change how we relate to ourselves and to others. It also shows how our ability to connect with and express our emotions is inextricably linked to our creative potential. We will explore some powerful questions about integrity, trust, authenticity and honesty and the reasons why we might shy away from these qualities that offer the potential for more fulfilling and meaningful connections. We explore the role that beliefs play in creating our subjective experiences, and how any limitations we may believe about ourselves affects our ability to create collaborative, honest and joyful relationships. We will re-frame our relationship with any fears associated with communicating our truth, our boundaries and our feelings. We will speak about the courage of vulnerability, and become gently acquainted with the emotions of shame, guilt, pride and fear. We will learn how to transmute those emotions into trust and discover how being truthful and honest can not only release our most creative expression, innovation and productivity but also empower us to take greater personal responsibility. We will demonstrate how to let go of any limiting image, or ideas, of who we think we should be, enabling us to show up just as we are without any masks and allowing others to do the same. The training will rebuild our self-esteem, it will teach us how to create greater, more inspiring connections in our life, it will rebuild our sense of belonging and show us how to live our lives more authentically and honestly.

Who this talk is for for?

  • People who have difficulty expressing themselves.
  • People who struggle to “get out of their head” and into their hearts & bodies.
  • Those looking for more meaning, harmony, health and balance.
  • Those who are ready to express authenticity in every area of life.
  • Those who are experiencing any overwhelm and seeking to nourish their mind and body


Date: March 12th 2022, Limited to 15 people only. 
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Morning Workshop: 9am-1am
Afternoon Workshop: 2pm-6pm

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(Re)create Yourself Workshop

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