Profhilo treatment is one of the latest and most popular treatments in the beauty industry. It got featured in countless articles and news websites including The Times in 2019. We keep hearing about it. But most people still do not know what Profhilo treatment is. So let’s learn all about it. What is Profhilo Treatment?

Profhilo treatment is a series of small injections to the face that gives your skin a younger and healthier look. It uses five injection sites on each side of the face. This is why you might have heard Profhilo treatment being called the 5-Point Lift. These 5 injection points are located away from nerves and major blood vessels, meaning less risk of injury.

Far from traditional dermal fillers, which are designed to lift and provide volume where they are injected, Profhilo helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles by spreading to the lower layers of the skin. It also provides firmness and volume to the skin, improves skin tone, and allows you to have healthier skin.

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The Advantages of Profhilo Treatment

How Does Profhilo Work?

Profhilo was created to replace the loss of collagen and elastin that our body normally produces. These components are what give our skin a youthful and glowing appearance. However, the production of collagen and elastin drops drastically as we pass the age of 25. So how exactly can Profhilo do this?

First, we need to take a look at how our skin works. Our skin has three layers. These layers’ names and their features are as follows: 

Epidermis: The outermost layer of our skin. This layer is waterproof and it is also what creates our skin tone and colour.

Dermis: This layer is beneath the epidermis. Here lays our hair follicles, sweat glands, and tough connective tissue.

Hypodermis: The deeper layer is mostly made of fat and connective tissue.

Profhilo, unlike Botox, does not freeze your muscles. It works its way into the layers of the skin and restores the skin from inside. It is not a filler and it is not permanent. It moisturizes the skin and improves skin tone. It triggers collagen and elastin production which is responsible for the skin’s youthful and firm appearance.

Profhilo Injection Points

As has been noted, Profhilo treatment uses 5 injection points on each side of the face, totalling a number of 10. These points are located where the skin appears to be the most loosed and aged. They are the most receptive areas of the face and they allow the treatment to easily disseminate through the accessible spaces, which creates a pure and fresh look.  

Profhilo is applied into the following areas of the face:

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The exact locations of these points may vary since everyone has a distinctive and unique face. Even though the treatment is technically called a “full face injectable treatment,” it is one of the safest out there as it avoids nerves and major blood vessels.

Profhilo is Not Just For Your Face 

When we think of skin treatments or procedures, usually it is only the face that comes to our mind. Sometimes we do not show enough care for the rest of our bodies. Whether it is applying sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sun, using anti-ageing products, or something as simple as moisturizing; we usually focus on our face and might neglect our chests, necks, hands, and other parts of our bodies. These parts age as much as our faces and when neglected, they can give away our true age. Profhilo can be as effective on these body parts as it is on the face:

The Difference Between Profhilo and Other Injectable Treatments

Profhilo treatment is not like Botox or other more traditional injectable fillers. It does not fill the capacious areas or rely on muscles to get the desired result. It is a substance that helps your natural skin renewal cycle by stimulating effective and beneficial reactions. It also dramatically increases the production of multiple types of collagen and elastin. While other dermal fillers add volume and rid the skin of wrinkles, Profhilo restores the skin and rehydrates it, giving the skin a beautiful and youthful appearance. It continues to do so even when you are sleeping. 

Profhilo Treatment Process and Recovery

Profhilo is injected over 2 sessions 4 weeks apart. As it is injected just below the skins’ surface, it spreads quickly and does not require any massaging. There are also no risks of any bulges or lumps appearing. Profhilo is then absorbed into deeper layers of the skin where it starts to work its magic.

Before all this happens, a specialist will consult you to discuss the process. The current state of your skin and what kind of end result you are looking for are important. For it can be determinative about how often you are going to repeat the process. A single Profhilo treatment course takes about one month to complete. It involves two injection sessions, each taking about 30 minutes. The process can be repeated every six months to attain the desired look.

As the injection is done quickly and is very close to the surface of the skin, the pain is significantly less than traditional skin treatments. You can return to your normal daily activities right away after the injections are done. However, it is advised to avoid extreme physical activities, steamy baths, or saunas for a few days after the treatment. It is also advised to avoid UV exposure or direct sunlight for a few days following the treatment. 

But Really, What is Profhilo Treatment?

We already know what Profhilo does and how it works. But we still do not know the answer to the question: But really, what is Profhilo treatment? Meaning what is it made of and what does it contain? Profhilo contains 64 mg of Pure Hyaluronic Acid. It is the product with the highest Hyaluronic Acid content on the market. Pure Hyaluronic Acid content consists of 2 different molecules:

The molecules of these substances are non-crosslinked. As opposed to cross-linked hyaluronic acid which stays put after it is injected, Profhilo can freely flow in the dermis. By doing so it softens the lines and wrinkles making the skin look as smooth as possible.

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Who Can Get The Profhilo Treatment?

Profhilo is a treatment that is suitable for almost anybody. It does not matter if you are looking to maintain your body’s natural cycle of cell renewal, to get a better looking and clear skin or if you want to get rid of the creases and wrinkles on your skin, Profhilo is the treatment for you. In younger patients, it can revitalize the skin by producing the components (collagen and elastin) that are essential for a fresh and glowing skin appearance. These components are sufficiently produced by our body until around the age of 25. But after that, the production drops, and Profhilo can be the saviour of your skin by providing them. 

More mature patients can also get the treatment for its restorative purposes. Profhilo can help your skin regain its firmness and restore it to be less supple. It gets rid of noticeable creases and wrinkles and gives your skin a radiant look. For all the patients, after getting the Profhilo treatment, you will not need as much makeup as you did before. It also helps makeup sit better on your skin by providing a tighter and hydrated base.

The Life Span of Profhilo

Profhilo has a life span of 6-12 months. Everyone has unique skin features, so it is hard to say exactly how long Profhilo will last. While some patients get the best results by repeating the treatment every 6 months, some patients are satisfied by repeating it once a year. Although it is important to note that, you simply do not have to worry about overdoing Profhilo. Unlike some other skin treatments, Profhilo works with the body to produce the best-looking skin possible. It helps with the natural cycle that skin goes through. So there is no risk of a swollen or puffy appearance.

In conclusion,Profhilo is one of the safest and quickest ways to look younger and feel healthier. It is a great treatment choice for everybody and the few mild side effects it has are extremely rare. Now that you have learned all about Profhilo treatment, next time someone asks “What is Profhilo treatment?” “How does is it even work?” or “Is that safe?” you can answer their questions with ease.

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